The Zombicopter Team

Ethan Hung from Zombilabs Zombicopter“I was fed up with the stereotype of the hero with a machine gun. Time has come for underpaid interns that accept degrading tasks to achieve great things” – Ethan Hung, intern

Intern Ethan Hung works for Zombilabs with Doctor Z. He is afraid of zombies, he is afraid of heights… but, above all, he is afraid about loosing his job and not being able to find her girlfriend, that parted to heal zombies around the world before he did.



Personaje_DoctorZ_Perfil“I would act as a bait myself, really. But someone had to pilot the Zombicopter, and Ethan is a little bit clumsy” – Doctor Z, researcher

Doctor Z is the leading researcher at Zombilabs. According to the medical journals, he is the inventor of the zombie cure. Nevertheless, its development couldn’t be possible without his brilliant intern Ethan Hung.



Personaje_Zombi_Ejecutivo_Perfil“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarggggh… Aaaaarrrrrgh” – Random Zombie, patient

He doesn’t know yet, but he is the reason for this all. We will use the brains he is trying to eat to lead him to his healing.